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VcamCricket Bio Mechanic Coaching software (£49 per licence)


VcamCricket 'just works from the start' and at a grass roots affordable price dual server and laptop:
Dual copy license for just £98 with 8sets 16bails (i.e£40 worth) of Lifetime Ironwood Bails with each bona fide cricket organisations's first order i.e £49each licence free distribution use for players viewing and £40 of free bails

VcamCricket is used by many International and national ECB Coaches & Clubs around the world
International Cricket Council ICC recommended e.g. Kent CC, Middlesex CC, Surrey CC Oxford & Radley Colleges, sports centers and many more.

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Simon Cook ex Middx, Kent CC & South of England Bowling Coach says "VcamCricket is the video analysis tool that will enable cricket standards to be raised at all levels due to its affordability and simplicity of use" Toby Radford, former ECB National Coach, and Middlesex Academy Director and coach recommends it and says "Having used video analysis systems for many years, VcamCricket is a quality, fully featured product that is simple to use yet is affordable to benefit every level of cricket"
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Capture from the Camcorder to the Computer using USB/IEEE Firewire standard cables Controls Camera preview Once Captured the software allows slow motion replay or frame by frame scrolling to show the player the coaching points you are trying yo make
One Button H allows you to flip the player from left to right hand so comparing L/R Handed batsmen can be done side by side Multiple screen split allows automatic motion stepping in split secs/ n frames or you can scroll and step to say set-up, strike, follow through as e.g.
Index players action clips can be done with pull down chalkboard for Lines angles, grids etc with pull down Cricket and other sports terminology with freehand notes on Coaching points overload Book marking for Trimming out only required footage which can also allow fade in/out of 2 overlay points to show say higher bound as in e.g.
Each action can be panned and zoomed in to pick up Hands on Bat Grip, Bowling grip or as in example Feet positioning. This can be saved and put in Word /Email files for the players later use Allows for two different players to be side by side action compare and even lock the two or more that synchronize in real time or step by step
Download Software Guides, Tips and Brochures NOW